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A Digital Earth promises to provide the best software solution specific to your business. With a team geared and ready to help, we strive to bring excellence to your internal processes.

How to get started:

analysis and Discovery

We begin by working with you to identify your particular Pains, Needs and Wants. This is an iterative process that is designed to uncover all the requirements for the new system. 

We then prepare a Functional Requirements presentation where we show you exactly how your requirements will be met with our solution offerings. 

Our goal is to give you complete confidence in the solution you are buying from us.


Our certified trainers will help your staff become self sufficient quickly. We focus on identifying and utilizing your Powerusers early on in the process. We want your staff to understand their new system and to assume ownership of the knowledge.


We can custom tailor your solution to fit your very specific business needs.

Setup and configuration

Implementing ERP systems can be a complex process. We use the proven Sure Step Methodology from Microsoft to make sure that each implementation gets attention to detail that is required.


We can implement your solution on either the Microsoft Azure or Amazon Cloud. We do this so that you the customer have the greatest level of control over your cloud environment. If you want to increase resources or add servers in the cloud for other purposes over time, you will have the ability to do exactly that. There is no vendor lock-in.

On Premise

We can assist you with the requirements review to determine if your current hardware will do the job. if you need new hardware we will work with you to define those hardware requirements and to assist you in the procurement process. We have expertise in all the Microsoft Server platforms.

Team Players

A Digital Earth can provide the end to end solution that you need; however, if you have a preferred IT group or your own talent that you would like to utilize we will work with you and your team to define a Sure Step Plan that will work for you and on your teams



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