Power BI is the best tool for data analysis

Why Power BI is the Best Tool for Data Analysis

Why Power BI is the Best Tool for Data Analysis

Power BI is the best tool for data analysis

Data visualization and data analytics have proven to be valuable tools in the business world. Notably, Microsoft’s data analysis tool Power BI is especially useful for analyzing data, data visualization and reporting. Below you’ll find a brief explanation of why Power BI is the best tool for data analysis. 

At A Digital Earth, our experts recommend Microsoft Power BI as the most comprehensive and efficient solution for your business intelligence strategy. However, to speed up your Power BI research, fill out our form to receive a custom recommendation based on your unique business needs. 

Why Power BI
One of the reasons why Power BI is a great tool is because it lets you stay up-to-date with the specifics of your business, no matter where you are. To clarify, Microsoft Power BI is located in the cloud. This means any authorized user can access the reports from a variety of devices no matter their location. Therefore, you can monitor your data in real time and get push notifications when anything changes. In other words, you’ll always be updated and informed. 

Additionally, Microsoft Power BI is a visually cutting-edge reporting tool. With the interactive dashboards, you’ll gain a 360 degree perspective of your business. So, you’ll gain new insight into your company’s data, making you more informed and helping you make better business decisions. 

Benefits of Power BI
Some of the major benefits of Power BI include:

  • Data Analysis: Power BI collects your company data and makes it clear and accessible to you. Therefore, you can search for and explore your data quickly and easily. 
  • Interactive Reporting: With Power BI, you can see all of your data together on one screen. Additionally, the Power BI Mobile Apps automatically update to reflect any changes to your data so you’ll always have updated data and reports no matter when you need it or where you are.
  • Financial Summary: In only a few seconds, Power BI gives you the complete picture of your data. Therefore, you’ll see all of your financial data in one view. 
  • User-Friendly Access: Power BI is designed to be easy to use. Employees from all sectors of your organization can utilize its features. With the intuitive tools provided, it’s easy to find the answers you need.
  • Data Visualization: Power BI lets you be both productive and creative. By combining data from various sources such as your files and databases, you’ll gain unique insight into your business processes in a visually pleasing way. 
  • Secure Sharing: With Power BI, users can publish their reports and visualizations and send them directly to the right people. Access to reports can be limited to one person or even shared to all people in an organization. 

Power BI gives you:

  • Quick and easy access to your data
  • Ability to search and explore your data
  • Insight into your data across channels
  • Ability to work across company sectors
  • Clear and concise summary of information
  • Live dashboard monitoring
  • More informed business decision making power
  • Easy performance monitoring
  • Integration with other popular Microsoft business products and tools, such as Microsoft Excel, Azure and SQL Server

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