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How to analyze and display your data using Power BI.

Posted on August 11, 2020

Power BI is Microsoft’s cloud-based data analytics service, allowing users to visualize and analyze their data with unmatched speed and efficiency. It’s a powerful and flexible tool able to handle a large amount of data at a time. Therefore, data visualization with Power BI is extremely useful for your business. 

Benefits of Data Visualization with Power BI
Your data holds the key to the important insights you need to grow your business. However, drawing conclusions is difficult if you’re analyzing raw numbers alone. Therefore, looking at your data presented in a graphic format helps you visualize connections, patterns and other observations you may have otherwise overlooked.

Data visualization with Power BI gives your data life, making you the master of the business insights hidden between the numbers. Visual representations offered by Power BI such as live dashboards, interactive reports, charts, graphs and more give you those important insights quickly and efficiently.

Making the Most Out of Data Visualization with Power BI
Data visualization helps you see the big picture from the numbers. Therefore,  it’s a powerful tool for sharing and communicating important information. Therefore, data visualization is perfect for reporting performance, conveying trends, analyzing the results of new strategies, demonstrating relationships and more. This is invaluable for communicating and collaborating across teams or any other situation where distributing information is needed.

Data Visualization with Power BI for Better Decision-Making
Having access to visually pleasing charts and graphs is great. However, the most important benefit of data visualization with Power BI is its capability to foster better business decisions. For example, some of the ways data visualization helps with decision making include:

  • Looking at the big picture: It’s difficult to have a clear vision of your business’ performance among all of the transactions, interactions and other stored data. However, data visualization helps you see everything in a broader context so you’ll notice trends and patterns you wouldn’t see just by looking at the numbers alone.
  • Making informed decisions: With Power BI, you can be sure your decisions are being backed by data. Therefore, you’ll be armed with the knowledge that you’re making the right decisions at the right time for your business.
  • Finding the importance: Gaining a visual understanding of the message your data’s sending helps you identify insights leading to more informed decision-making, planning, strategies, and behaviors. For example, how is your business performing? What changes need to be made? What should you focus your time and resources on? Being able to understand your data and what it means creates more effective business operations.
  • Tracking trends over time: Soon enough, you’ll start to notice business trends. Track your progress and use this knowledge to make more informed and more strategic business decisions. Furthermore, once you have a handle of the trends, you’ll notice if things are off and can immediately address issues to get back on track.

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