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What is Microsoft's Sure Step Methodology?

Posted on September 28, 2020

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

Launched in 2007, Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology is Microsoft’s complete customer lifecycle methodology, enacted with all Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Thus, it helps Microsoft Dynamics vendors successfully implement Dynamics solutions within customers’ budget, timeline, and business requirements. 

In other words, Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology outlines who does what and in what order in regards to project operations. It outlines the phases, milestones, roles, processes and other specifics of the project. The Sure Step Methodology contains step-by-step instructions for completing each stage in the implementation process. 


Project Types

Some of the project types where Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology is successfully implemented include:

  • Standard: The methodology is carried out at a singular location with specialized characteristics and average to more advanced customizations.
  • Rapid: This is best implemented for projects with a narrow scope of work requiring simple features.
  • Enterprise: This approach is common for implementing more complex Microsoft Dynamics solutions or for global organizations with particular business needs. 
  • Agile: Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM services solutions, with this type customers gain more control over their project’s completion due to gaining the ability to supervise the development and implementation between phases. 


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

Here are some of the main advantages of following the Sure Step Methodology:

  • Increasing productivity by abiding by a dependable approach and a trusted set of tools and guidelines created to help ensure customer projects are completed efficiently. This leads to increased business value and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Gaining tools and guides designed to increase project stability and success.
  • Having access to a flexible and repeatable process that works for any business that lets customers know you’re following a reliable procedure during Dynamics integrations. 


Sure Step Methodology Phases

There are six key phases in the methodology, each with their own established task and actions:

  1. The Diagnostics Phase helps customers find the right solution for their business needs.
  2. The Analysis Phase outlines the steps needed to put the project plan into action. 
  3. During the Design Phase, the entire  Microsoft Dynamics solution and the specific customizations required for the project are composed.
  4. The Development Phase is for building and testing the system elements that were designed and authorized during the design phase. 
  5. The Deployment Phase summarizes the project success and highlights the transition to the Microsoft Dynamics solution.
  6. The Operation Phase consists of carrying out any tasks required to finish the project and providing any additional support to the customer.


Resources Provided by the Sure Step Methodology Process

  • Methodology Content: a stream of project tasks that begin at the business diagnosis, continuing through implementation, then finishing off at operations
  • Tools and Templates: resources that guide project activity and set up success for end-to-end project implementation
  • The Sure Step Client: provides an interactive application with a collection of adaptable templates to fulfill individual business requirements
  • Community Resources: links to additional resources in the Microsoft Dynamics community


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