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Deliver a Consistent User Experience

Posted on January 10, 2020

Connect with Users Online

With the digital era among us, it has become essential for businesses to transition and manage their company online.  Many users today have switched from traditional purchasing methods to buying products or services through the internet.  As the modernization of technology continues, the infrastructure of digital commerce follows exponentially. Data from Statista showed that over 230 million individuals in the United States are digital shoppers. With more and more people shopping online, businesses must adapt to consumer buying behavior in order to create the best user experience.


Ensure the Best User Experience

According to Parqa, 46% of consumers base their purchasing decisions and experience on the overall design of the website. Understanding website attributes that appeal to consumers can be difficult to identify and time-consuming. With an eCommerce solution, you can easily bring your business online and create a responsive and customized platform for you and your users. Software solutions offer consistent photography and can implement item navigation and filtering which can create an easily accessible and comprehensible site for users.

Not only is appearance and navigation essential to ensure a positive user experience, but people also reported that knowing where or what the status of their order plays a significant role. Implementing a tracking system to account for orders helps your company and the consumer. In addition to website layout, people are also looking for a way to gain support or customer service from the companies they are purchasing from. An eCommerce solution enables direct user contact increasing positive relationships and customer loyalty.


Keep Up with Competition

Your competitors are constantly considering and implementing new business strategies to increase positive consumer interaction. Mapping out the customer journey is crucial and can be efficiently implemented through an eCommerce solution specialized to your business needs. Software solutions can aid digital transformations and offer a wide variety of key features ranging from inventory management, responsiveness, and integration.



Online options will continue to increase as users seek convenient ways to shop. By utilizing software solutions, all success factors are accounted for and allow insight for future business strategies. User experience is one of the most important features to consider and with a customized streamlined eCommerce solution, companies are able to create a responsive platform for the best possible consumer experience.

Using an eCommerce solution, automate your job tasks, manage your online selling transactions and gain insights into your data and statistics to monitor your business achievements. At A Digital Earth, we know how busy you are and we want to help by providing you with an eCommerce solution that fits your business needs. 

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