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Why an Optimized Field Service Management
(FSM) Software is Necessary

Posted on January 27, 2021

To run a business effectively, every part of the purchase process is important for both the seller and buyer, and it doesn’t end after a purchase has been made. Businesses have to ensure that their customers are fully satisfied after purchasing their products with proactive customer service and problem-resolutions. This is where Field Service Management or FSM software solutions help businesses.

According to a research report by Capterra, 97% of FSM users saw some impact on their business from implementing new software. With an optimized Field Service Management (FSM) software solution, businesses can maximize their efficiency in servicing for management and technicians and save costs with increased customer satisfaction.

Here are a few reasons why an optimized Field Service Management software solution is a necessity for your business.

Optimizes Scheduling and Time 

Busy schedules can be overwhelming to maintain and organize, especially with multiple technicians out in the field. SFM software solutions optimize scheduling with AI-enabled recommendations and manual, semi-automated, and fully automated capabilities.

Not only will this save time for the technicians and dispatchers, but it will also keep track of asset history, ensuring technicians will have the most recent and reliable asset data to provide accurate services. SFM software directs specific tasks to the right technicians as well, ensuring the best experience for both the technician and customer who requested service.

Furthermore, field service software allows technicians to input work details during servicing jobs. This means that the time spent manually inputting data after the job can be spent fixing another problem that requires a technician’s attention.

Helps Provide Proactive Service

FSM provides data tracking using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that allow you to predict, detect, and resolve issues that may arise on the customer’s end before they become a problem. With this information, you will be able to resolve issues before their customers are aware of them, preventing service calls from coming in and saving time and money.

With regards to data tracking, FSM software gathers a large amount of data that is readily analyzed for managers to help provide quality work and to manage time and resources appropriately.


Customer Communication and Success

When servicing a customer, communication is crucial for a pleasant experience. FSM software solutions can increase the efficiency of service responses by automating a wide range of communicative avenues including customer or client portals, alerts, emails, chatbots, and much more. With efficient and responsive communication, time is saved for you and your customers.


There are numerous FSM software solutions that vary depending on the business and industry but finding a compatible software solution is vital to provide the best experience for management, technicians, and customers or clients.


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