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Increase Functionality and Efficiency with an eCommerce Solution

Posted on February 4, 2021

eCommerce has given businesses the chance to evolve digitally and reach users across the world. Reaching more customers means that businesses must constantly advance the functionality and efficiency of their eCommerce platforms.

User experience ranks as a top priority for companies. With an eCommerce solution, businesses can optimize their online presence. Key features such as smartphone capability, accurate shipping cost estimation, ratings and reviews, product comparison, and automatic pricing updates allow for an advanced eCommerce solution.


Smart Phone Capabilities

Statista reported that in 2020, 60.9% of the United States population were accounted for as mobile buyers.  As buyers become more comfortable completing transactions through their smartphones, providing a mobile-friendly experience is crucial for online businesses. Businesses that utilize an eCommerce solution can create a site that is fully responsive with smartphones and other devices to allow users the full range of features on the go.


Ratings and Reviews

After developing a site geared towards users, obtaining customer feedback is another important factor to consider. By allowing customers to see past experiences with products enables them to make the best decision when buying products and limits return expenses.

Understanding consumer needs can give insight as to how to further improve your site. eCommerce solutions that provide customers the opportunity to leave a review and view other’s reviews are highly beneficial. The rating of an item – out of 5 stars – is displayed under an item and then users viewing the item can read the review on a specific item.


Compare Similar Products

About 80% of shoppers compare prices or items online. Given this, side by side comparison is crucial for deciding which items to purchase. When shopping online, an eCommerce solution allows users to create a comparison list with pictures and details. This minor, yet large site addition greatly improves the customer experience. Having the opportunity to easily see a side-by-side comparison brings greater ease to online shoppers.

Moving forward, it is important to consider these key features for better efficiency and functionality. Thinking ahead and implementing a software solution for your online business is essential for developing a seamless and functional website. A Digital Earth can identify areas for advancement and further future business strategies.e

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