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How a Sales Software Solution can Optimize Your Sales Team

Posted on February 23, 2021

Did you know that 27% of sales teams spend an hour or more on data-entry every day? Imagine the productivity you would see if the sales team utilized that time connecting and engaging with prospects. 
If you want to increase your revenue, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies, you will need to advance your processes. A software solution that provides sales tools to streamline your data entry and management can help expand and enhance your team. 
Sales software solutions are used by your entire team to help productivity and performance, relationship management, and give actionable insights. 


Sales Productivity and Performance with a Sales Software Solution: 


Sales is fast paced, diligent work. In fact, 65% of sales managers say their biggest challenge is lack of time and resources to perform their job. If you’re lacking time and don’t have the proper resources, your team is more likely to underperform. This is where a sales software solution steps in to free up more time and simultaneously solve these issues. 
Sales software solutions should be compatible with existing applications and programs you are currently using. By ensuring that your sales software seamlessly intertwines with other running applications, you can minimize app switching and link your productivity software. In addition, your sales team should have access to daily tasks from anywhere at any time. Sales software solutions can create better visibility and optimize sellers tasks with a mobile experience. These routine tasks can also be automated to improve the time spent organizing and managing them. Lastly, the time spent on data entry can be reduced with automated processes like note dictation and camera scanning. All of these aspects of a sales software solution can improve sales productivity and performance. 

Sales Software Solution – Relationship Management: 

Another important aspect of sales is relationship management. Not just with the customer, but across your whole team. Sales software allows you to unify your sales experience around relationships.  
Your team can streamline selling by integrating communication across channels by collaborating virtually through calls, emails, or video all through one secure platform. Creating a cohesive unit among your team is one side of relationship management, but you also have to ensure you have the best tools for nurturing your customer relationships. You can incorporate everything a salesperson needs to know about their customer in a single workspace. By doing so, your sales team can engage with the right customer, stay focused, and maximize their productivity throughout the day.  
However, relationship management in sales doesn’t stop after you’ve interacted with a customer. You also need to be proactive to improve sales engagement by understanding the customer’s point of view. Sales software gathers customer feedback through surveys, automates reports, and allows you to analyze how you can develop better sales interactions. 

Sales Software Solution – Actionable Insights: 

Lastly, with a sales software you can get automated data to track performance, make data-driven decisions, and create an effective next-step plan. With a sales software solution, there are forecasting features which reveal risks and opportunities for your company. This automated process also analyzes trends and flows within your data which allows for increased forecast accuracy. Now is the time act with confidence. Derive meaningful intelligence from large amounts of complex data to provide sellers with contextual and actionable insights that are easy to understand! 

Why Implement a Sales Software Solution

If you are looking to accelerate your sales processes, a sales software solution might be your next step. A Digital Earth offers Sales Software solutions for your business to better manage and optimize all of your customer relation resources, visualize sales performance, analyze detailed insights, and much more. 
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