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Top Trends in eCommerce Today

Posted on March 12, 2021


With the continuous expansion of the digital landscape, more and more shoppers are turning to the internet for commerce. In 2020 alone, eCommerce grew by 44% with a total of #4.04 trillion total in sales. With the pandemic, eCommerce and online shopping trends have been drastically affected. With that said, it is important for businesses to stay ahead of the curb. 

Here are the top 5 trends in eCommerce today!

Setting up an eCommerce Store is Easier Than Ever

It’s no secret that many industries and businesses are shifting their focus towards the internet.  To make that transition, businesses now have resources to easily go online. There is an exponential rise in self-service platforms that quickly allows small businesses to transform digitally. When you first look to open your business online, consider searching for platforms that can help you get up to speed.


Although these self-service platforms for your eCommerce store are convenient and easy to use, consider how your business will run once more traffic is directed to your site. Many companies lack the backend infrastructure and tools to adjust to an increase of visitors on their online store which is important to think about moving forward.


eCommerce Stores can Harness Insights to Create Individualized Experiences

Currently, user experience is a key factor to a successful online store. Both B2B and B2C businesses want custom shopping experiences. Data from your eCommerce store can be used to create that personalized shopping experience and provide comprehensive customer service. Putting your efforts into creating a custom experience for online shoppers can increase your revenue significantly. In fact, a study showed that there was a 25% revenue increase for stores that advanced their personalization capabilities.


Live Chat Improves  eCommerce Shopping Experiences

Live chat or chatbots offer a direct and easy way for customers to navigate or ask questions to your sales or customer relations team quickly. Automated chat bots can be implemented to filter questions and direct them to the right representative. This type of feature not only makes it efficient for customers but also your customer service representative. They are able to prioritize chats and easily respond to customer inquiries.

This trending eCommerce feature makes business and customer service efficient and convenient for all ends of your business.


Mobile Shopping is Increasing

As online shopping and eCommerce stores continue to grow, more and more people are shopping through their phones. Statista reported that by 2024, 187.5 million people will be mobile buyers.

Today, mobile shopping makes up almost three questers of eCommerce sales. Mobile shopping enables customers to purchase goods or services from anywhere, at any time. With this, it is important to ensure your eCommerce site is responsive on mobile. If this aspect of your website is not optimized, your company could be losing a lot of opportunity.

Conversion Strategy through Your eCommerce Store

Today, businesses are looking to convert customers who are visiting their site by optimizing and improving their product pages. If a customer cannot easily navigate your site or your products are not visibly accessible, it is likely that users will end their session on your eCommerce site quickly. It is vital that your website and product pages are optimized for effortless searching and navigation.


In addition to optimizing product pages, eCommerce companies are implementing new avenues that track and update their inventory. Automated inventory management indicates on low and out-of-stock items. This inventory implementation is convenient for your business and possible customers.


Do These Trends Make Sense for Your Business?

Some trends may not fit your particular business or audience needs but knowing current trends in eCommerce may help your business moving forward. Now is the time to evaluate industry trends and jump in. Technology will always be evolving, and eCommerce is something that brings it all together. Looking toward the future and keeping up with current trends will be the best way to bring success to your business.

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