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How to Stay Up-to-date with Your Field Service Management (FSM) Business

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How to Stay Up-to-date with Your Field Service Management (FSM) Business

Posted on April 1st, 2021

A Digital Earth blog picture for How to Stay Up-to-date in the Field Service Business blog post

The field service management (FSM) industry is rapidly evolving. As a result, many service providers are wondering if they are doing enough to stay up-to-date with their field service business for guaranteed long-term growth and success.

Because of new tools and technology and a developing workforce, staying ahead of the changes may seem overwhelming. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of ways for preparing your field service business for the future.

Here’s a quick overview on how to stay up-to-date with your Field Service Management (FSM) Business!

  • Keep track of changing demographics
  • Streamline your business processes
  • Utilize mobile technology
  • Hone in on quality customer service
  • Invest in the right Field Service Management software

Let’s begin!

Keep Track of Changing Demographics

Employee demographics keep getting younger and younger as more and more millennials and Generation z-aged professionals enter the workforce. With this in mind, have you considered what a younger employee base means for your business? These generations value mobile and online experiences, convenience, and self-service systems. Additionally, they expect personalized contact with the businesses and brands they interact with. 

You might think that isn’t an option for your business. However, there are ways of appealing to a younger demographic in the field service business. For example, utilizing self-service tools such as a customized web portal, allowing customers to manage their accounts, pay invoices, and track service calls. Furthermore, decreasing the steps necessary for placing a service call and having a clear and transparent process in place goes a long way in creating positive customer experiences. 

Streamline Your Business Processes

The field service business is an increasingly competitive industry. With this in mind, avoid time-consuming business processes. For example, complete all calls and work orders quickly and efficiently while still providing quality customer experiences. This is all possible with the right technology and the best field service management software providers in Orange County!

Software solution technology helps you streamline your business processes so you can get more done with less effort. With a field service solution or enterprise resource planning (ERP) there’s no need to increase your costs to get more business. These solutions connect all of the most important sectors of your business (accounting, service, inventory, purchasing, sales) and automate manual tasks. Therefore, you’ll spend less time on administrative work and more on what you need to do to grow your business. 

Utilize Mobile Technology

It’s a mobile-first world. Therefore, your team needs mobile tools to help increase productivity and reinforce communication. For example, mobile enabling your field service technicians. 

Your field service business needs ways to make field service profitable. Mobile field service management apps are the answer. With a mobile app, technicians manage their service activities, provide dispatchers with insights into their service operations, and distribute information between dispatchers technicians and customers quickly and efficiently.

Hone in on Quality Customer Service

Overall, your field service business depends on maintenance and service contracts and your ability to carry out quality services. Therefore, in the field service business good customer experience reviews are very important. According to Microsoft’s Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report,  97% of consumers say customer service is very or somewhat important in their choice of, or loyalty to, a brand or business. Customers expect more and more out of the businesses they choose. Therefore, make sure you’re meeting their needs.

For example, request feedback from customers to make positive changes in your business processes. Utilize software solutions like customer relationship management (CRM) to record customer journeys, particularly any post-customer data. Consider their needs and search for ways you can add value. Making customer service a priority sets you apart from your competition and distinguishes you as a leader in the industry. 

Invest in the Right Field Service Software

Invest in a field service software solution to invest in your future. When browsing options, remember to choose a solution that meets your needs today, tomorrow, and in the future. If your field service software isn’t scalable, it won’t enable your long-term success. Basic accounting software like QuickBooks might work for your needs when you’re first starting out, but it doesn’t have the industry-specific features such as inventory management and service dispatch that your field service business really needs. 


There are a lot of different field service software solutions out there, and the point of these is to improve your work efficiencies. While many of them do come with an abundance of capabilities, there’s no guarantee of automation or connectivity across all aspects and departments of your business. Luckily, there is a guaranteed solution that can streamline and optimize your field service business software that’s configured specifically to your needs.

Partner with A Digital Earth

As you’re considering future-proofing your field service business, think about how technology and software can help ensure your business stays in demand. If you’re in the market for field service management software or you’re not exactly sure what you need, talk to our Orange County software experts at A Digital Earth. We’ll help you discover the best software solution for your field service business!

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