Software Development Consulting Firms – What They Can Do For You

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Software Development Consulting Firms -
What They Can Do For You

Posted on April 15, 2021

What are Software Development Consulting Firms?

To put it simply, software development consulting firms provide two services that you may find in separate companies: software developing and software consulting.

If you’re unfamiliar of what these two types of firms do, here are some brief explanations of what you can expect from them:

Software Development Firms

A software development firm or a software development company provides services to build platforms that meet the specific needs of companies and tailor the capabilities to their request. They will likely be hired to build a software program or application that is likely licensed and owned by the hiring company unless contracted otherwise.

In the realm of business software, the technology allows for workers to appropriately carry out duties and tasks as efficiently as possible. With software being at the forefront of how companies handle businesses nowadays, it has become a driving force that improves day-to-day business operations. One can clearly see the benefits that would come with software specifically developed based on a business’ requirements and needs.

When working with a software developer, the customization options are nearly unlimited, and changes can be made quickly with a team to maintain it. These teams will continue to work with the company to further develop and configure the software or application as time goes on.

While a well-experienced development firm may apply its past knowledge onto creating the best user experience they can, the client will likely need to approach them with a clear vision of what the client wants.

(For more info on software development companies, read these interesting statistics!)

Software Consultant Firms

Where a software developer builds the solution from scratch or customizes one, software consultants will help discover a business’ needs and goals by applying the technological capabilities provided by numerous software options. Software consultant firms come in all shapes and sizes across America with a variety of specialties depending on the industries they’ve worked in and companies they’ve worked with.

There are many benefits to work with a software consultant. Here are some of the areas in which one can improve a business:

  • Developing a clearer vision and goal for the client
  • Direction and consistency to achieve that goal
  • The introduction of newer technologies
  • Quicker turnaround and delivery


After the initial meeting to discover the goals of a business, software consultants will often times introduce platforms with additional customizations to best fit that business’s needs. While these customizations are tailored for each business, there are greater limitations when compared to a software development firm.

Back to Software Development Consulting Firms

By now, you may see some similarities and differences that both software development and consulting firms share. While a development firm may have some of the capabilities to consult a client, they may not have the ability to fully adhere to that client’s needs. On the other, a consulting firm can be very beneficial for a client by providing the best solutions for that client’s problems. However, the software development capabilities may be limited, and the integration of these solutions may prove to be more difficult.

To help fill the void between development and consulting firms, companies like A Digital Earth with a team of consultants and developers can deliver the best business software solutions possible.

What can a Software Development Consulting Firm do for you?

Well, everything listed above. Using A Digital Earth as an example, our consultants can pinpoint what and where a business needs improvement. Furthermore, a clear vision will be planned to truly gauge the requirements for the services.

Once the vision has been set and approved, our developers will make the necessary configurations based on the needs of our client. Consultants and developers work hand-in-hand to offer the best possible software solution specific to each client.

Some of the services consist of consulting, training, customizing, setting up, and configuring the new and improved software solution. After integration, our team of consultants and developers are nearby around the clock to further improve that software.

By combining the services of both professions, a software development consulting firm much like A Digital Earth takes all of the best properties of software developers and consultants by combining them together!

So, to summarize, here are the benefits of working with a software development consulting firm:

  • Software consultation and development in an all-in-one service
  • Clearer vision shared between clients, consultants, and developers
  • Minimized complications with software integration
  • Continuous support and development even after software implementation
  • Business partnership with client and firm

What's next for your business?

Well, let’s go through some simple questions first.

  • Are you looking for a newer or better software solution plan that better fits your business needs?
  • Are you looking to enhance the efficiencies of your business and optimize your day-to-day operations?
  • Do you have multiple departments (accounting, sales, eCommerce, etc.) that require a streamlined solution plan that allows for seamless integration with one another?
  • Do you want to be friends with a close-knit team of consultants and developers?


If you answered “YES” on one or more of these, we’ve got some good news for you.

Along with providing services offered by both software consultants and developers, A Digital Earth has worked with hundreds of companies across all industries. We have an experienced team that is ready to build and enhance your business through top-of-the-line technology.

We’re offering a free one-hour consultation meeting with one of our experts to explore and discover what exactly you’re looking for. If you change your mind by the end of the meeting, there are no strings attached. Just an hour of your time!

Click here for a free assessment or contact us by phone, email, or one of our contact forms! We’ll gladly reach out to you and help in any way that we can.

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