Top Trends in eCommerce Today

Streamline Stories Blogs connecting innovative technology to business Top Trends in eCommerce Today Posted on March 12, 2021   With the continuous expansion of the digital landscape, more and more shoppers are turning to the internet for commerce. In 2020 alone, eCommerce grew by 44% with a total of #4.04 trillion total in sales. With the pandemic, eCommerce […]

Why Your Business Needs the Streamline Solution in 2021

Whether you’re a startup that’s growing or an established brand with business coming in consistently, the software you use across your company and departments are important. Furthermore, the software that you choose should go through careful consideration to ensure its compatibility with your operations and enhance efficiencies while increasing convenience. The process requires due diligence, and it may be daunting to confront this task head-on. Luckily, the Streamline Solution provides all of your business software solution needs.

Why Integrate Your Streamline Solutions eCommerce

It can be overwhelming and time consuming when searching for the right software solution for your online business. With an e-Commerce software solution that aligns with your business needs, the time spent manually tracking, inputting, and integrating your platform can be done more efficiently. It then comes down to picking the right integration partner to connect your e-Commerce platform and backend systems.

There are 5 key integration aspects of e-Commerce solution services that offer businesses to analyze, connect, and gain insight for future business strategies.

Increase Functionality and Efficiency with an eCommerce Solution

eCommerce has given businesses the chance to evolve digitally and reach users across the world. Reaching more customers, means that businesses must constantly advance the functionality and efficiency of their eCommerce platforms.

User experience ranks as a top priority for companies. With an e-Commerce solution, businesses can optimize their online presence. Key features such as smart phone capability, accurate shipping cost estimation, ratings and reviews, product comparison, and automatic pricing updates allow for an advanced eCommerce solution.

The Future of eCommerce: How to Prepare Your Business

In 2019, countries faced lockdown, and stores were forced to close and turn their stores into online marketplaces. Shopify reported that 84% of consumers shopped online during the global pandemic and that 10 years of expected growth happened in a matter of 90 days. Although there was an exponential increase in eCommerce growth, was it a result of mandatory shutdowns?

Deliver Consistent User Experiences

Online options will continue to increase as user seek convenient ways to shop. By utilizing software solutions, all success factors are accounted for and allows insight for future business strategies. User experience is one of the most important features to consider and with a customized streamline e-commerce solution, companies are able to create a responsive platform for the best possible consumer experience.

Common Issues with eCommerce Inventory Management

Whether you’re a large company or small, as a business and in life it is almost inevitable to run into a problem. When faced with disruptions, it is always guaranteed that you will look for a solution.

Many companies are now rushing to create an online presence for their product or services. Due to the rapid change in technology, time becomes of the essence, and sometimes moving at such a high pace can convolute a sure-step methodology or strategy.

Why You Need an eCommerce Solution

If you’re an online seller, your main goal is to grow your business. At the same time, with an increase in sales comes an increase in your responsibilities. If you’re manually handling your inventory with Excel sheets or managing your business operations with multiple platforms, you’re affecting your productivity and hindering your ability to make even more sales. After all, more sales means more profit. An eCommerce solution makes your business processes stress free.