Why Your Business Needs the Streamline Solution in 2021

Whether you’re a startup that’s growing or an established brand with business coming in consistently, the software you use across your company and departments are important. Furthermore, the software that you choose should go through careful consideration to ensure its compatibility with your operations and enhance efficiencies while increasing convenience. The process requires due diligence, and it may be daunting to confront this task head-on. Luckily, the Streamline Solution provides all of your business software solution needs.

4 Best Practices for Field Service Operations

Field Service businesses require a well-functioned, well-organized operation to run smoothly. From management to technicians to customer and client communication, businesses have to maintain a strong centralized process and mitigate potential problems at all levels that can lead to dissatisfied customers and irritated employees. We want you to avoid inconveniences, so we compiled a list of the 4 best practices for Field Service Operations.

A ‘First-Time Fix’ for Your Field Service Organization

A first-time fix is the ability of a technician to resolve an issue during one appointment. Field service businesses reported that a field technician has to do at least one follow up visit on about 23% of all service calls. Having to revisit a customer site becomes costly, reduces asset availability, and sometimes response time. On average, dispatching technicians can cost anywhere between $500 to $1,000 which can begin to eat away at your business if repeat visits are occurring at high rates.

Field Service Management Software Solution

To run a business effectively, every part of the purchase process is important for both the seller and buyer, and it doesn’t end after a purchase has been made. Businesses have to ensure that their customers are fully satisfied after purchasing their products with proactive customer service and problem-resolutions. This is where Field Service Management or FSM software solutions help businesses.