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Why Choose Microsoft Business Central?

Posted on August 11, 2020

It’s time to get rid of your outdated account software. If you’re looking for a comprehensive business management solution for your business, choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central adapts to your needs and helps you make smarter business decisions. Furthermore, the application is made up of an extensive list of business functionalities combined with the benefits of the cloud. Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to assist with the services, sales, and finance divisions of your business.


Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a proven solution all over the world, helping clients streamline their business processes, boost their customer relationships, and grow their overall business. Here are a few of the central advantages offered.


High-level Data Assurance

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, handle, store, and transmit your sensitive data and information safely and securely. Furthermore, the Business Central security system lets you specify the permissions each user has so data is only in the hands of the people who need it.


Increased Efficiency

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central automates workflow by integrating with Microsoft Office tools including Outlook, Word, and Excel. Therefore, allowing businesses to unify their business functions and improve their overall business performance.


Financial Management

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, organize all of your data across your purchasing, inventory, sales, accounting and customer service divisions. This gives you a complete picture of your business and helps you make informed decisions through easy financial data analysis.


Increased Mobility

One of the most efficient advantages cloud technology provides is the freedom of movement. Instead of being tied down to a centralized location, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central lets employees work securely using any device and in any location.


Business Intelligent Business Apps

Another key advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is that it comes equipped with business intelligent business apps that connect and share data including inventory, sales and accounting. Having all of these systems in one platform gives you key insights on the overall health of your business and helps you easily generate reports and conduct analyses. Furthermore, this helps business owners track issues and respond to them quickly and efficiently.


Supply Chain Management

Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides intelligent solutions letting you know what products to replenish and when based on inventory level monitoring. Therefore, you buy only what you need when you need it.


Sales and Service Management

Using Outlook, manage service requests, immediately act on sales inquiries, and process payments. Gain insights on your workloads, tasks, and employee abilities for efficient resource assignment.


Why Choose a Digital Earth

At Digital Earth, we have a team of experienced consultants ready and available to help enhance your business productivity collaboration. From licensing to support, maintenance, and updates, our dedicated experts will assist you in reaching your maximum business potential. As a reputable Dynamics 365 Business Central partner, A Digital Earth will make sure you get the most out of all of the features Dynamics 365 Business Central offers.

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