Great Plains Software vs. Microsoft Business Central

Streamline Stories Blogs connecting innovative technology to business Great Plains Software vs. Microsoft Business Central Posted on April 20, 2021 Today’s technology and advancements allow businesses to handle day-to-day operations with ease and efficiency. Companies like Microsoft offer a multitude of software solutions that range across all departments of a business. While under the umbrella […]

Software Development Consulting Firms – What They Can Do For You

How many companies have you come across that have presented themselves as “Software Development Consulting firms”? Probably not a lot, given that they most likely don’t market themselves as one or use a much simpler title. Well, if you’re interested in what they do, what better way than to learn about them from a one directly!

Cloud-based Software Solutions – What Will Work Life Be Like After the Pandemic?

After a year since the initial call for a nationwide lockdown, the effects from the pandemic have shifted the ways in which business is conducted today. While many corporations and businesses were able to adapt to these unprecedented times, some were less fortunate. Luckily, cloud-based software solutions have made life easier during these transitional periods.

To ensure the safety of all employees and their families, many changes had to be made. It is safe to say that work-life after COVID will likely never be same as it was prior to the pandemic. We felt it was necessary to explore these effects and the potential outcome of what the white-collar work-life for employees and the employers will look like once things are brought back to “normalcy”.

A Digital Earth Employee Spotlight – Nicole Che

Introducing the first of many Employee Spotlights, where we show you a glimpse of individuals from A Digital Earth! For our first Employee Spotlight, we introduce to you Nicole Che who is our Business Development Representative! Read more to learn about our amazing employee and our company’s culture.

CRM – Pros and Cons

Customer Relationship Management software are utilized to help businesses strategize and organize their customer/client communications. While the software solutions are meant to ease daily business processes, they can also come with shortcomings. We’ve weighed out the pros and cons that come with CRM systems, along with an answer to solve the cons that might come with these solutions!

How Important is Customer Service to You?

As a business owner, customer service is probably one of your key concerns when looking for a company to partner with. Moreover, when working with a software solutions company, the continuous support you receive from that company is even more important. Oftentimes, developers build features for your business’ software solution, implements them, and hands over any after-project inquiries to their customer service reps. However, if a company places its developers on the front lines of their support team, the help and efficiency would go unmatched when comparing it to a team of customer service reps who may not know all of the ins-and-outs of the software!

What to Look for in an Accounting Software Solution

Managing your books correctly can be difficult. There are possibilities of human error, lack of data visibility, and a multitude of other problems that may occur which could hinder your abilities to efficiently manage your business’s finances. In order to ensure your accounting department is optimized, you may want to focus on what type of accounting software solution your company is going to utilize.