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How Important is Customer Service to You?

Posted on March 22, 2021

As a business owner, customer service is probably one of your key concerns when looking for a company to partner with. Moreover, when working with a software solutions company, the continuous support you receive from that company is even more important. Oftentimes, developers build features for your business’ software solution, implements them, and hands over any after-project inquiries to their customer service reps. However, if a company places its developers on the front lines of their support team, the help and efficiency would go unmatched when comparing it to a team of customer service reps who may not know all of the ins-and-outs of the software!

Many companies typically have the technical skills to implement the software but sometimes falls short when it comes to delivering great support services after implementation. As a customer, you most likely feel that your experience is just as important as the products or services you’re receiving.


Quick Response

After a software company develops your needed solution, they should still be available to answer any further questions after implementation. When your question arrives, the company should respond quickly to provide a solution. A personal email where you can reach your developer and support team should be offered where you can ask for help. Once your inquiry is sent, someone should either reply with a resolution or if it is a more difficult problem, they should at least let you know your issue  has been acknowledged and that they are working on a solution.


Multiple Channels

As a customer, you are probably expecting to have multiple avenues of communication between you and the software consultant or development company. You may want to communicate through live-chat, chatbots, email, phone, or in person. Whether you prefer one or all of these channels, the company that you’re working with should provide you with a multitude of channels of communication.

However, if you are communicating through multiple avenues, sometimes conversations can be lost between channels. Things may get confusing as you may be repeating yourself or your problem to different developers. It is best to stay organized with one ideal means of communication to ensure the conversation between you and them is seamlessly connected.


Personalized Experience

Today, a lot of our experiences are self-servicing, but a personalized experience is what matters the most. The company you work with should know you and your company well. When working with you, they should be proactively contacting you with information specific to your situation. Their team should be sending emails, follow-up calls, etc. to ensure that you are happy with your software, showing that they genuinely care about your business. If they are not waiting for you to reach out then they are going above and beyond to guarantee satisfaction.

Ensuring that the software company you choose to work with provides you with a personalized experience, treating you like a unique customer is very important to consider.


How Important is Customer Service to You?

Know your needs and have expectations for your potential business partners. If a company is showing that they’re genuinely invested in you, then they may be the best company you want to work with or continue to work with. Excellent customer service will ensure your satisfaction and will continue to benefit your company.

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