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5 Indicators the You've Outgrown Your Current Business Software

Posted on March 2, 2020

When you first start your business, the tools that you implement are perfect for initial business needs. These starting tools were probably easy to use and inexpensive. However, what happens when your business starts to grow, you acquire more customers, and you hire more employees?  

Software solutions applied at the start of your business are not scalable and don’t provide the necessary tools for a growing business. Your business software needs to keep up with accelerating demands, providing exceptional customer service, and making smart decisions in the future. 


How to Know Your Business Software isn’t Meeting Your Needs: 

  1. Manual data entry:40% of workers say that they spend at least a quarter of their week on manual and repetitive tasks. Automating your processes with the proper Reporting Software Solution will optimize your time and your employees’ time which will in turn improve overall efficiency. 
  2. Incohesive communication: If your company has multiple teamsutilizing different tools, there will be a larger probability for miscommunication. Inadequate communication to and between employees in smaller companies has cost companies $420,000 per year 
  3. Lack of Integration: Many business software solutions include basic features that meetyour starting needs, but later down the line, you may want to include another program. Many times, these solutions don’t properly integrate with other programs. It goes without saying that integration is an important feature in future solutions as it is a necessity for growing businesses. 
  4. Absence of Visibility into Business Performance:Your business processes should be automated to collect data for you to analyze performances and better assess your business needs and strategies. 
  5. Not Proactive:Your team may be running into problems that could potentially be solved by the software. Proper software is built to provide proactive solutions for a multitude of situations. 

How many of these challenges are you facing with your current business software? Any one of these issues can lead to low productivity, high costs, and poor business performances later down the line. The best way to understand if you need to improve your existing processes is by consulting with your business team.


How Solve Your Business Software Needs? 

If your current business software isn’t integrating well with another program or if it isn’t proactively providing the tools for success, a Software Solution could greatly benefit your business.  

Software Solutions are critical for business optimization. Here are some of the challenges that can be resolved by applying a Software Solution to your business: 

  • Automationsto streamline business processes and proactively respond to potential problems. 
  • Visible data that is easily accessible for data analysis and reporting.
  • Connect all aspects of your business and integratethem into compatible programs/software. 
  • Create cohesive and acentralized system for all employees to communicate  

Reach one of our specialized consultants to learn more on how you can optimize your business software needs. 

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