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Why Your Business Needs The Streamline Solution in 2021

Posted on February 18, 2021

Whether you’re a startup that’s growing or an established brand with business coming in consistently, the software you use across your company and departments are important. Furthermore, the software that you choose should go through careful consideration to ensure its compatibility with your operations and enhance efficiencies while increasing convenience. The process requires due diligence, and it may be daunting to confront this task head-on. Luckily, the Streamline Solution provides all of your business software solution needs.

The Streamline Solution is an all-in-one software solution that fully optimizes multiple facets of a business’ operations. Covering accountingreportingeCommerceSales, and Field Services, the Streamline Solution is an ideal package that provides all of your software needs while taking your industry and company size into consideration.


Still uncertain? Try imaging your business as a living being. You are the brains of your operation while your services and products are the backbones of your business. The business software you choose can be seen as the muscles to keep your body moving the best it can. As you improve your endeavors, your operation requires bigger and stronger muscles. With the ever-growing and evolving landscape of your business, your software needs to remain compatible as your business grows. If it isn’t, you’re losing out on a lot of time and money! This is where the Streamline Solution comes into play.


Helping you every step of the way, an expert consultant will work with you to pinpoint your business needs. Here are all of the fields you can expect to optimize!

What can the Streamline Solution do for you?

The Streamline Solution is an in-depth all-inclusive service that provides assistance across a multitude of business parameters. To further explain what the Streamline Solution can do for you, let’s take a look at each of the solutions that it can optimize.

With every business comes customers and clients. It’s important for you to keep track of those relationships, continuously nurturing and providing value along with the service or product you offer. In order to mitigate any mistakes, you will need to track your communications, sales, performance, and more.


The Streamline Solution is here to configure or develop a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software just for your business needs. From customer communications to sales, your software can automate tedious hands-on sales so you can focus on what’s most important – to nurture your customers’ needs. Furthermore, you can choose to digitally transform the way in which you handle your business with virtual collaboration capabilities and forecast trends/deals to better improve your sales capabilities.


According to a U.S. Bank Study, 82% of business’ failures are due to poor cash flow management. This means that your accounting management must be in tiptop shape while running your business. Luckily, the Streamline Solution can help improve your accounting capabilities through optimized software. Whether you want your current accounting software to be configured or wish to develop a new one, the accuracy of your accounting data should remain a forward focus.


Our accounting software experts can help configure your purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and warehouse management into an easy-to-use software that optimizes your supply chains and security. To further increase your business efficiencies, you can choose to automate your financial reports, performance analysis, and improve your forecast accuracy for increased financial visibility.


Sustaining your business requires you to record and analyze as much helpful data and information as possible to remain up-to-date with what’s happening. In a fast-paced environment, these numbers can get lost in the midst of all the other information that is pouring in every day, and when that happens, vital data can go unseen that would have otherwise helped grow your business or save time.

The Streamline Solution is all about increasing your day-to-day efficiencies and reporting certainly falls under that objective. Gone are the days of scattered reports! Utilize the configured Business Intelligence software to input and link all relevant data into one transformative report. Improve your efficiencies and provide the most dynamic reports that can be transformed by a click of a button during analyses or presentations.


The growth of online shopping is undeniably an expanding arena in the business world. In 2019, online retail sales amounted to 343.15 billion dollars in the U.S. alone. It is projected to reach 476.5 billion in 2024 which equates to about a 38% growth.


Maintaining an optimized eCommerce store for a retail business is vital to improve the probability of success. The Streamline Solution focuses on your eCommerce needs by going through your current store (if you have one), evaluating your preferences, analyzing the shortcomings, and if needed, building a configured eCommerce store separate from your main website. The new online store will be fully catered to your needs and specifications, being the most compatible eCommerce option for your needs as a business owner.


If you have a business that requires in-the-field technicians to be dispatched and service your customers/clients, a Field Service Management (FSM) software is vital to maintain an efficient and productive operation. Field servicing comes with so many moving parts, and the right FSM software can grease the gears, allowing you to run your business as smooth as possible.


If you are in the field service industry, you are likely to already have FSM software for your business, and it would be best to configure it to best fit your needs. The Streamline Solution can do just that, enhancing your software capabilities by adjusting or developing your FSM software into the most advantageous application specifically catered to your requirements.


Streamline Your Business Today

All in all, your business can choose to assemble the software you need for the respective roles, but what happens when you run into a situation where one application is incompatible with the other? A large portion of the operation is halted, and time is wasted.

The Streamline Solution is here to ensure that your business does not experience a blockage during your operation due to an inconvenience such as that. Along with developing or configuring the business software specifically for your needs, the Streamline Solution is meant to ease the transitioning and adjustment period of your business into using the software as much as possible.

If this is something that your business may need, A Digital Earth offers a FREE one-hour consultation to speak with one of our experts in an effort to explore and discover your software solution needs. Sign up for a FREE Power Hour or visit the various solution pages we have on our website!

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